Can’t find a perfectly fitting leather jacket? Go for L’avenir’s customized leather jacket. They are handcrafted especially for you and according to you. Instead of zippers and studs, want quilted stitching and waist ties? Instead of short and fitted, want dramatic shapes like super-cropped or baggy and oversized? Better yet, consider the leather blazer a whole new iteration of leather jacket, with all of the edge but just a little more put-together flair! Now,  you can customize it all at l’avenir online. With just a few clicks, you'll get your dream customized leather jacket at your doorstep.



Adds a personal touch to your closet


Everyone wants to have a closet of full statement pieces which represent their personality and make them stand out in a room full of people. In the day and age of fast fashion brands who produce thousands of same boring pieces, people seem to have forgotten about what it feels like to own a piece of clothes which truly belongs to you only and is also designed by you.


Leaves no one behind

Can't figure out where to buy a XXL leather jacket? Look no further, l’avenir is the place for you. This concept of customized leather jackets promotes inclusivity and body positivity among people. In India, where most brands are yet to include all shapes and sizes in their clothing size charts. L’avenir’s customized leather jacket seems like a perfect opportunity to get your style on.


Makes your gift stand out



Want to give your dad something special on his birthday? A Customized leather jacket seems like a perfect choice. It serves both of its purposes, it's meaningful and useful. More importantly, leather jackets have a long life and  need very less maintenance which makes them a perfect gift.

Get your creative juices flowing and start customizing your own leather jacket here!