Lambskin leather has a velvety feel to it . It is hardly ever found in India. Lavenir Skins provides us with lambskin leather in a variety of styles and sizes (even customized!). They have Indian leather artisans with over 35 years of experience. With the assistance of designers, they have  curated this leather piece collection for you. Lambskin leather coats, blazers, and skirts are available from L'avenir skins. They are both enlightening and uplifting. Let us inform you all about lambskin leather before you buy these outfits.
 Lambskin leather jackets from L'avenir skins
Hard to carry
 Lightweight lambskin jacket by L'avenir

One of the most common misconceptions about leather is that it is a heavy fabric, but you'll be relieved to discover that lambskin leather is the thinnest of all commercial leathers, making it soft and lightweight. Only a few more opulent leathers are thinner than lambskin leather. Lavenir skins presents its buyers with fine quality lambskin leather which is easy to carry and one of the most durable fabrics in the market.



 Lambskin leather from L'avenir


People may believe that leather is a harsh material that does not require much work. Lambskin leather is a material made from animal skin. Because it is a natural, porous material, it cannot be completely waterproof; nonetheless, good treatment makes it shower resistant.


Leather conditioner

Lambskin leather jackets of premium quality at L'avenir


People think that leather doesn't have many types and use similar kinds of maintenance products on them. Take good care of your lambskin leather jacket to ensure its durability and lifetime. There are several commercial leather conditioners available, but because lambskin leather is delicate and absorbent, you should pick a conditioner with caution because not all conditioners will be suitable. It is often preferable to try a new conditioner on an inconspicuous region of the product before proceeding with full treatment. It's better to keep your lambskin leather item in a dark cover to avoid damage by dust and sunlight.