How to style NOAH from lavenir’s leather jacket for women?

How to style NOAH from lavenir’s leather jacket for women?

Currently, L'avenir Skins is operated by siblings from a leatherworking family. They seek to show Indian culture and its connection to leather crafts. This firm has created a collection of luxury leather jackets for women that are not only functional but also eye-catching. Customers may try out new styles with this collection. This collection is a must-have for every girl who wants to appear edgy and daring without breaking the bank. Let's dress up one of the nicest pieces from this season, NOAH.


Leather jacket for women at L'avenir


Lively yet casual : NOAH

Noah is a medium-length leather jacket for women. It has patchwork detailing throughout and comes in a variety of colors. It's crafted of Lamb Nova leather and lined with high-quality taffeta. This is a great item for any woman who is just starting out with her fashion sense.

Let's begin the styling!


Ice it out!

Leather jacket for women at L'avenir


Wearing a chunky set of accessories like wrist watches and bracelets. You can even add earrings like danglers or hoops to finish the look for the evening. 


Go safe!

Leather jacket for women at L'avenir


Putting a simple dark coloured dress may be your best choice when styling this leather jacket for women because there is a lot of detail on the jacket and wearing something fancy inside may result in a jumbled look.


Boots all the way!

Noah from leather jacket for women


leather jackets for women with boots have always been a classic combination. They provide you a striking appearance as well as a sense of relaxation. You can enjoy the event without having to worry about getting shoe bites.


So, don't wait and get yourself a NOAH from Lavenir’s leather jackets for women online now!