Lambskin's suppleness comes with a measure of fragility, since it is prone to scratches and stains, as leather lovers are aware. As a result, care and upkeep are critical to ensure the durability of lambskin leather. You may take care of yours by preserving the leather before your first outing with your lambskin leather goodie. Lambskin leather has a reputation for being difficult to care for, so we've included our best practices for caring for your lambskin below.

Store your leather items with a dust cover

A dust bag is ideal for storing leather since it allows it to breathe and keeps it from becoming musty. In fact not just lambskin leather, but all clothing items should be placed on a dust cover in your closet. These covers not only keep dust out of your garments, but they also keep insects and rodents out of your favourite jacket. These dust covers aren't worth a lot but can save you a lot of damage.

Buy a lambskin leather protectant spray

To avoid stains or damage, especially from rains, we recommend using a silicone-free leather protection. A regular waterproofer is not recommended since it risks irreversibly damaging the leather. Use a silicon-free water protection designed exclusively for fragile or sensitive leathers instead. Just buying and spraying these products is not enough. Lambskin leather items also require great deal general maintenance like keeping them away from liquids.

Don't try to wash them with your regular clothes

You can't be lazy when you're wearing exquisite textiles like lambskin leather. They require careful care and should never be laundered in a washing machine. If you ever feel that your antique lambskin leather jacket might need a good cleaning, simply drop it off at the laundry and let the professionals handle it.

Don't fold 

Lambskin leather is incredibly soft, and as a result, it creases readily and permanently. Folding your lambskin leather jackets reduces their quality and appearance over time. Using textiles such as lambskin leather, hanging your garments is the way to go.

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