Best leather jacket in India for men


Since time immemorial, jackets have been regarded as the ultimate item of attire for guys. However, there is a popular fallacy about jackets that exists all around the world. Jackets are typically linked with winter clothes, yet light jackets are perfect for adding into your spring and summer wardrobes. Furthermore, jackets may be your best friend when it comes to dressing up and being prepared for any circumstance. If you're looking for ways to modernize your jacket style, keep reading to learn more about the best leather jackets in India for guys. Lavenir skins work with the purpose of giving voice to their customers through their clothing. In my opinion, the recent collection is one of the best leather jackets in India right now.


Fionn : The fun one

Best leather jackets in India


The white gilet is unisex piece of clothing which we rarely get to see in india. The choice of color is very cool and calm while the pockets and the metal zipper does add some drama. It all perfectly works out together. The best leather jackets in India not only include the generic jackets but also the sleeve cropped kind known as gilets. This one specifically can be paired with a blacktee and cargo boots and you're ready to go.


Castor : The fierce one

Castor from best leather jackets in India


Add this to your outfit to spice things up. A cherry red leather jacket from the premium leather jackets for men line would be ideal for combating the winter blues. Its collar is well constructed, with a large pocket on the chest to give it a more bold appearance. Laveir is ruling the leather jacket industry with one of the best leather jackets in India, go get yours now!