While the structure of a classic handcrafted leather jacket has remained the same, wearing one today indicates that you’ve either have a knack for vintage shopping or are still making the most of your college wardrobe. Now don’t get me wrong, of course, handcrafted leather jackets are always featured in various brand collections because they’re a forever wardrobe basic. The problem is, you don’t always want to look basic while wearing one. Leather jackets are still in style, so long as they’re styled correctly. And to help you out, we’ve curated a few looks for you.


Pair it with your black formals

When you're too broke to go shopping for yourself, this tan handcrafted leather jacket paired with black shirt and trousers could be your last minute saviour for your dinner party. This look is both pocket-friendly and edgy. 

Put it over on your worn out turtleneck

This look’s for when you aren’t quite sure what is appropriate for the occasion. You can never go wrong with a black handcrafted leather jacket over a white turtleneck, can you?  A l’avenir solid black jacket embroidered with gold foil and shiny metal snaps seems like every guy’s dream piece of clothing right now.

Team it up with a black tank

Feeling like wearing a minimal black handcrafted leather jacket in summers without looking too casual? With the right set of accessories, you can absolutely win hearts with this outfit. The fur at the collar of this l’avenir jacket makes it stand out from the rest and seems like a perfect choice for this look.

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